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Our lives tend to unravel in a series of chapters.

Some chapters we wish would never end while others we wish we could snap out fingers and magically be a new one. Our chapters are often marked with life events that create some emotion or require a response from us.

I recently closed a rather large chapter (or at least in my mind) it was. My husband and I packed up our home in Cali (California) and moved to Colorado, and as I am sure many of you know, moving is a wee bit stressful and can bring out the best and worst in each other….In fact, the stress of moving ranks right up there next to death, divorce, and going to the OBGYN for a pap smear!

As we start the packing process, my neatly organized life transforms itself into the utter chaos of endless boxes, newspaper, and bubble wrap piled up in every corner of the house…ughh!! Yet, as I begin packing, a plan begins to develop in my mind or should I say a priority list which consists of three main groups… One - I needTwo - I must have, and Three - The world will most definitely fall off its axis if I’m without this item! So, I began, first I started with the kitchen, no sweat. Then I did the guest bedroom and well, actually, we just decided to sell most everything in the room, waaaay easier than packing, I highly recommend it! Next was the living room, which was a little more work with all the big items but still…easy peasy! Finally it was time for the master bedroom. As I proceeded towards the master bedroom closet I broke into a sweat…Am I having hot flashes?? I’m barely 40ish, it isn’t possible!!

As a thrift blogger I love all my clothes and jewelry, and have a personal relationship with each pair of my shoes. What kind of friend am I, I thought to myself, if I put my shoes in a box, close the lid and plunge them into utter darkness. Honestly not a very good friend if you ask me…….and NO, I’m not asking you.

I begin making small mental notes of what shoes I will need…work shoes separate from casual shoes…winter boots separate from strappy high heels…hiking boots separate of course from athletic shoes…

Are we starting to see a pattern here? When all was said and done, I successfully brought 25 of my closest friends (shoes) along on my new adventure. All while the rest of my dearest “friends” where safely packed away. I reminded them it wasn’t good bye, it was just see you later.

Jewelry posed less of a packing challenge for me, thank goodness since I was still recovering from the shock of putting my “friends” in boxes, I know it sounds so morbid! All my jewelry was snuggled safely away in a pink caboodle I found on Amazon. It was a rather expensive expenditure, but what is cost amongst friends, right? I purchased safe passage to the new world via pretty pink plastic.

Lastly were my clothes. Once again, I was tasked with deciding who comes and who gets plunged into the black abyss until spring. The struggle was REAL! The “I need” verses the “I want” squaring off with the “I will simply die if I don’t have this”. I needed work clothes, but I

wanted ALL my black leather and really couldn’t imagine staring my new life without my Limited-Edition black satin Barbie dress from NY. (And yes it was designed by the creator of Barbie, the doll). Although I reasoned with myself that I needed work clothes, winter clothes, play clothes and “I’m not doing anything except eating cookie dough from the container while watching Netflix” clothes, I ultimately settled for one extra-large suitcase and three, yes three hanging bags stuffed to the gills. I really tested the strength and dependability of zippers used by luggage creators…you are welcome everyone!

When all was said and done ALL our belongings got packed and loaded into a large metal container and trucked more than 1,000 miles away. Through all of this I learned several things. One - My priorities can be a wee bit questionable (absolutely love my shoes and jewelry), Two - My husband is extremely tolerant of my shenanigans and Three - Saying goodbye is never easy.

But wait……. I just remembered a new town means new thrifting adventures!

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