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About me

(scrimp - verb​ /skrɪmp/​  -  to spend as little money as possible)

Hello, I’m Pamela aka, Cooper, a sassy, red-headed,  Irish woman. I’m 40ish and blessed to be married to one of the kindness men God created, and lucky to have found him on the internet. (YES, you can find everything online)!  I am also the mom to a wickedly smart handsome son who shares my smile and love for Family Feud.


Recently I was thrust into the ‘adult’ world of real jobs. I guess when your child goes to college you can no longer make the argument to stay home since your domestic services are no longer needed and you can only clean the toilet and floss the cat so many times.  Seeing that lost look in my eyes, my loving husband suggested I create a blog to share my love of fashion and thrifting.  So, stepping into the unknown (technology and I do not get along), I took the leap and created this blog.   This accomplished two things: 

pamela-8416-Edit - WEB.jpg
Huntington Library-6377-Edit - WEB.jpg

First, it helped fill that, "what do I do now" feeling and helped create balance in my work and personal life.

Secondly, and the best part,  I was able to channel my love for fashion and thrifting into new and creative ways.  I find great satisfaction and excitement taking old trends and giving them a fun new twist while on a budget!  Every women wants to feel beautiful and my goal is to empower all ladies to be your best self one without going broke!

A few fun facts about me:​​

  • My style icons are Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and June Clever

  • I currently own 60 pairs of shoes and 40 handbags, and believe therapy might be warranted to curb my addiction

  • My hobbies include hiking, camping, seeking adventures, singing in my best Adam Sandler voice to my husband about coffee and animal cookies, and I know how to use a gun!

  • Lastly and most import, I’m a Christian woman after Gods heart

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